Call-to-Action for Cerumen Management Services
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Hearing Instrument Specialists are ideally positioned to provide cerumen management services to individuals who attend their clinics for hearing testing and the fitting of amplification. Even though many Hearing Instrument Specialists in Canada have cerumen management in their scope of practice, the majority do not offer cerumen management services. To date cerumen management has not been taught in the hearing aid practitioner’s training programs. The need for cerumen management is high, especially in the older adult population, and for those who wear hearing aids, due to the increased prevalence of cerumen impaction in these populations. This presentation will discuss the reasons why hearing clinics need to offer cerumen management to address the burden on, clients with cerumen impaction, the stressed health care sector, and on the clinic’s services due to delays in treatment. The ability to add an additional revenue stream and lead generator for the clinic will be outlined. Provincial and/or College requirements as well as the costs to get started with the provision of cerumen management services will be addressed.

At the end of this presentation, attendees will be able to:

    1. Identify the need for cerumen management services in the communities they serve.
    2. Define a plan for training to become qualified in the provision of Cerumen Management.
    3. Develop a plan to offer cerumen management services in their clinical setting.
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