Client Trust: Your Business Imperative
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Are you building relationships with your clients based on trust?

As with all relationships, the quality of client relations is inherently dependent on the level of trust. In order to enhance the level of trust and subsequently, the quality of client relations, we must understand how trust is built and sustained.

Join us for an in-depth look at how trust is built with clients and how hearing healthcare professionals can build long-lasting relationships with their clients based on trust. Expert presenter and President of Custom Training Concepts, CW Miller, will explore the less understood basics of trust, look at the dynamic nature of the trust cycle and reveal the ever present “Paradox of Trust.”

Discover how the “Three Faces of Trust” can impact the level of trust our clients have for us and how we might impact the client’s perception from each face. This presentation will delve into the sting of betrayal and how that impacts the trust cycle and how the sense of betrayal may be imminent. Explore methods for rebuilding trust and learn the seven keys to building trust with clients.

• Explain the two key factors all clients use to determine their level of trust in a provider
• Describe the three faces of trust
• List three ways a client can sense betrayal
• Explain the paradox of trust that is inherent in all trusting relationships
• Apply seven keys to enhancing your client’s level of trust
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