Five Principles to Amplification Success, Patient Retention & Referrals
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Are you doing all that you can to retain patients and build a strong referral network?

Today’s hearing healthcare practices must stand out from the retail-selling model of big box stores in order to compete and thrive. The “Five Principles” described in this presentation are based on the philosophy that hearing healthcare professionals must do more than “sell” hearing aids and that family and friends suffer as much or more from the patient’s hearing loss as the patients themselves. Garnering trust and producing loyal relationships from patients and their families produce personal and peripheral referrals, and help to solidify a loyal patient base.

Join us for an in-depth look at how to build trust and strong patient relationships through respect and counseling, while discovering how to cultivate those relationships into willing and active referral sources. Expert presenter Ted Blanford, President/Owner of Summit Hearing Solutions, will present his “Five Principles for Amplification Success, Patient Retention and Referrals."

  • Describe the concepts of various compression types as they historically appeared in hearing aids.
  • Explain the differences between WDRC and output limiting compression.
  • Compare the applications of compression types for mild-moderate versus severe-profound SNHL.
  • Outline how compression is typically applied in todays’ digital hearing aids.
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