Hearing Loops - Front Row Hearing in Every Seat
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Hearing loops are a simple and cost-effective technology that eliminate background noise within a confined environment and enable those with hearing loss to hear more clearly and comfortably without any need for additional specialty equipment. Widely used in Great Britain and Europe, hearing loop technology is rapidly gaining popularity and adoption in the United States. Many of those with hearing loss are unaware of the benefits of hearing loops and how their hearing aids can integrate with this amazing technology.

Join us for an in-depth look at the technology, benefits and history of hearing loop systems and how they can be used to improve your practice and the quality of life for your patients.  Expert presenter, Nick Hobbs, Owner of Active Life Hearing Loops, will explore hearing loop technology and how it can open new doors for those with hearing loss. Discover how educating your patients about telecoils (t-coils) and how they integrate with looping systems is critical for improving their acceptance and overall satisfaction with their hearing instruments and with you as a hearing healthcare provider.

  • Explain how this simple technology can improve the quality of life for your patients
  • Describe the history of the development of the telecoil and hearing loop technology
  • List the types of environments in which a hearing loops are effective/not effective
  • Improve your patients satisfaction with their hearing aids by using hearing loops
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