Unveiled: Managed Care Guide (TX-143-24-041)
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The majority of hearing care providers (HCP) participate, in some degree, with a managed care plan; yet many struggle to find the sweet spot of utilizing their patient’s benefits while continuing to run a profitable practice.

The International Hearing Society’s (IHS) Managed Care and Compliance Committee (MCCC) met this challenge by creating a new resource to guide providers through the complex world of health insurance. This resource is the first of its kind to bring together all critical aspects one must consider when participating with health plans. From walking readers through insurance basics and sources of coverage to contract negotiations and business valuation, this resource should be in arms reach of every staff member who holds some degree of responsibility for engaging in any aspect of managed care.

In this webinar, IHS is bringing this resource to life by offering participants a first-hand look into the Guide as well as tips when implementing it into their practice. MCCC Chair, Samantha Sikorski will cover technology upgrades, how and when to utilize the forms, letters, and guides included in the appendix. Moreover, she will unveil methods each practice can use to customize these documents and illustrate how valuable they can be when used.

To learn more about the Managed Care Guide and purchase a copy for yourself, visit https://www.ihsinfo.org/resources/managed-care-guide.

  • Define managed care and how it relates to health insurance,
  • Locate state and federal regulations that impact their business,
  • Identify critical contract language that may limit their product recommendations, and
  • Describe essential aspects to clinical documentation
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