Navigating the Hearing Healthcare Arena in 2023 (TX-143-24-042)
Ethics: Exercise (or Exorcise) Legal and Ethical Dilemmas in Your Hearing Healthcare Practice
Business Plan Strategies for the Hearing Healthcare Professional
Evolving Today's Marketing Plan for Tomorrow's Practice
Building Relationships with Physicians
Advanced Wireless Processing for Enhanced Binaural Hearing
Ethics in Hearing Healthcare: Strategies for Ethical Solutions
Hearing Loss Co-morbidities: Grow Your Practice Through Physician Outreach and Community Outreach
Hearing Aid Compression, Digital Microphones & Noise Reduction
Five Principles to Amplification Success, Patient Retention & Referrals
How to Increase Patient Satisfaction
Dizziness and Diseases of the Ear
How to Design an Effective Case History Questionnaire
Modernizing Your Practice with Social Media and Clinical Best Practices
Ideas, Tips, and Strategies to Secure an Initial Appointment
Front Office 101: How to Wow Patients on the First Call
Front Office 201: Advanced Phone Skills
How to Avoid the Top Ethics Pitfalls for Hearing Healthcare Professionals
Infection Control for the Hearing Healthcare Professional
Tympanometry: Why It Should Be Used by the Hearing Instrument Dispenser
Client Trust: Your Business Imperative
Winning with Social Media
Hearing Loops - Front Row Hearing in Every Seat
Cochlear Implants - How to Help Your Patients Who Struggle with Well-Fit Hearing Aids to Hear Better (Q3 2023) (TX-143-24-018)
Combining Wireless Technologies
Close More Sales Using Your Front Office Staff
Telehealth– Expanding Access to Hearing Care
Hearing Aid and Mobile Devices
Transforming a Hearing Aid Return into a Satisfied Patient Experience
Online Reviews, Testimonials and Reputation Management: What Hearing Practices Need to Know
Hearing Loss and Dementia: Current Trends and Opportunities
Aural Rehabilitation in Modern Practice Webinar
Hearing Aids and the Brain Webinar
How to Dominate Search in Your Market Webinar
Trends and Developments Impacting the Hearing Healthcare Industry
AI and Machine Learning - Intelligent Today Smarter Tomorrow
Personal Charisma: Increasing Your Presence and Magnetism with Your Patients
Lead Generation: The Human Touch in a Digital World
Acoustic Reflex Testing: Methodology, Interpretation and Clinical Uses
Captioned Telephone Eligibility: What the FCC Wants Providers to Know
Managing Patients with Normal Thresholds
The Basics of Managed Care: What You Need to Know
Preventing Medical Errors (TX-143-24-022)
The Role of Advocacy for the Hearing Healthcare Professional (TX-143-24-030)
Helping Your Clients Navigate Their “Medicare Hearing Aid Benefits” (TX-143-24-032)
How Motivational Interviewing Can Empower Your Clients (TX-143-24-034)
The US Hearing Aid Industry: Trends and Updates (TX-143-24-034)
Elevated Learning with the 2022 IHS Distance Learning Course & Trainer Manual (TX-143-24-038)
Operational Excellence Through Communication (Q2 2023) (TX-143-24-017)
How to Help Your Patients Who Struggle to Hear Better (and love your services) (TX-143-24-040)
Unveiled: Managed Care Guide (TX-143-24-041)
Client Satisfaction and Loyalty: Applying Key MarkeTrak 2022 Findings in Your Practice (Q1 2023) (TX-143-24-016)
Hearing Healthcare in Long-Term Care Communities: A New Approach (Q4 2022) (TX-143-24-015)
Hearing Tracker Research: Consumer Preferences on Hearing Aid Attributes (Q3 2022) (TX-143-24-014)
Hearing Fuels Human Potential (Q2 2022) (TX-143-24-013)
Developing a Video Strategy (Q1 2022) (TX-143-24-012)
Real Ear Measurement: Should It be Mandatory? (Q4 2021) (TX-143-24-011)
Contractual Conundrums: What You Don't Know Will Hurt You (Q3 2021) (TX-143-24-010)
Talking to Patients about Deep Neural Networks in Hearing Aids (Q2 2021) (TX-143-24-009)
Covid-19 Pandemic Effects on the Elderly (Q1 2021)
Digital Marketing Self-Checkup (Q4 2020) (TX-143-24-008)
Sounding Off – On Cybersecurity (Q3 2020) (TX-143-24-006)
Verification Considerations 2020 (Q2 2020) (TX-143-24-004)
Effective Counseling for Hearing Loss and Tinnitus (Q1 2020) (TX-143-24-002)
Artificial Intelligence and Machine Hearing in Hearing Care (Q4 2019)
Cognition for Hearing Healthcare Clinicians (Q3 2019)
Fitting Methods: Origins and Evolution
Hearing Loss and Dementia: A Primer for Hearing Healthcare Professionals (Q2 2019)
Ethics and Contractual Analysis for the Hearing Healthcare Professional
Managed Care & Compliance (Q1 2019)
Fine Tune Your Sales Techniques (Q4 2018)
Motivational Interviewing (Q3 2018)
Leading the Future: Being a Leader Through the Process of Change (Q2 2018)
Thinking Globally, Acting Locally (Q4 2017)
FDA Red Flags
Exploring The Hearing Loss and Dementia Connection (Q3 2017)
The Cortisol Effect: How the Stress Response Can Play a Role in Physical and Mental Health, as well as Hearing (TX-143-24-024)
How to Build A Physician Referral Program (Q2 2017)
Compression: Historical Development & Use Today (Q1 2017)
IHS Policy Perspectives and Updates for the Hearing Health Professional (TX-143-24-026)
Communicating the Right Message to Patients (TX-143-24-028)
Real Ear Measures - Yesterday & Today
Hearing Loops: How to Get Started in Your Community
How to Blow Away Your Competition on Google Search Results
Legal and Ethical Considerations of Mandated Reporting of Elder Abuse (Q4 2023) (TX-143-24-019)
How to Have It All: Exit Strategies and Succession Planning
How to Make a Successful Transition to ICD-10 CM
Baby Boomer Marketing: It's Not What You Think
How to Transform Front Office Staff into True Patient Care Coordinators
Cochlear Dead Regions and Implications for Fittings
Train-the-Trainer Webinar Series - #1 Introduction to the Training Process (TX-143-24-043)
ILE Test Prep (30 days)
ILE Test Prep (90 days)
Growing Your Practice With Tinnitus Skills (Q1 2024) (TX-143-24-020)
Overcoming Sales Objections (Q4 2016)
Train-the-Trainer Webinar Series - #2 Teaching Masking (TX-143-24-044)
NAS Hearing Report and Recommendations : The Good, The Bad, and the Unknown (Q3 2016)
Cognition, Spatial Sound & Noise Reduction (Q2 2016)
Improving Outcomes with Digital Aural Rehabilitation
Brain Health, Cognition, and Audition
Tinnitus Management for Experienced Hearing Healthcare Professionals
Call-to-Action for Cerumen Management Services
5 Steps To Updating Your Website (Q1 2016)
Fitting Decisions (Q4 2015)
Creative Destruction in Hearing Care (Q3 2015)
2014 Benchmarking Survey Results (Q1 2015)
Visual Models for Understanding Own-Voice Complaints (Q2-2015)
Purpose Driven Hearing Care (Q4 2014)
Cerumen Management (SoundBoard – Feb. 2015)
LIVE Webinar - The Latest on BCBS FEP Rules
The Power of Self-Fulfilling Prophecies (Q3 2014)
Anti-Kickback Considerations for the Hearing Healthcare Practitioner (Q2 2012)
Infection Control Practice (Q3 2013)
ABC’s of Infection Control (Q3 2010)
The Latest on BCBS FEP Rules (February 22, 2024)
About the Council for Accreditation in Occupational Hearing Conservation (CAOHC)